Best Free Android Games


Best Free Android Games :

Hello all,Here are the some of the best free Android games which are released in the recent years like best free android games of 2014,2015 and 2016 to come there are specifically some sort of Android games are most popular which are editor picks also let us what are they and how they are special from other games and the most important thing to discuss here is they are for free in the play store.

Coming to Racing Genre Best Game in Android is Asphalt 8: 
The best Android arcade racing game series and this is the 8th series which is released from the game loft reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience and a wonderful race feel all at your hands(in your Android Smart phone).

Coming to the Adventure Best Free Android Games :

 "Jungle Adventures - free"  is one of the best game you can play on your free time this is from the developer Rendered Ideas this game comes under the Adventure Genre so those who like to

adventure type of games can play this ...

Coming to the Arcade Best Free Android Games :

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom which comes under the arcade genre is one of the best free android games in the arcade type this is a run game which gives you a wonderful camera experience too this free game is from the top developer SEGA

Description : The dazzling sequel to SEGA’s hit endless runner, SONIC DASH here comes the Sonic Dash 2 . Featuring the cast and world of the new TV series, SONIC BOOM.
New and amazing 3D worlds, challenges and game play. Play as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sonic’s new friend, Sticks. Let’s do this

2) Vector : Vector is one more game which is most popular and very ease to play game this is from the top developer again NEKKI and this again falls under Arcade type.

Description : Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. The game opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heart of a freerunner is strong, and you soon break free.

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