Cool Android Games


Cool Android Games 

Android games are fun and give us real time experiences. Android games are cool to play and have free to download. So to try out some Cool Android Games you just need to go to Google play store either from your android mobile or tablet and install the game for free and play. And once the game is downloaded you can play the game even without internet.

Temple Princess Runner 2015:
So girls here are something especially designed for you or for the girls who feel herself to be a princess. This is game just like temple run but with a cute and lovely princes. In this game the forest is beautiful with snow falling all the time and beautiful surroundings. You also have numerous treasures. The graphics used in this game is colorful, very soft and smooth. You can download the file within a small space as it is build with minimal apk file size. The control is easy and one touch. Background music and sound effect make it even more attractive.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free:
One of the best flight games online is Flight Pilot Simulator 3D .your wish to become pilot and fly a flight can be fulfilled here. As it is 3d game which is ultra realistic graphics so that you 
can get a real time experience with the flight and also cool animations. Here you can get the finest plane for yourself and go higher. There are options like military aircraft, jet etc.
Intuitive on the wing controls and an attractive game play. Challenging mission and hilarious fun. Emergencies, rescue missions, rough landings, fires, races. so check it out with 
Cool Android Games in your mobile.

Crazy Racing 2015:
Now here is something exciting and trill. Guys now you gonna  love your leisure time because it’s no more going to be boring as we came up with this awesome and enthusiastic game which don’t let you get your eyes off it even for a movement. It is the most popular and downloaded game to 2015. People liked it the most because of the speed and the different roads and graphics used in it. Different stages in it and challenges also attract you the most. So go ahead and try out the cool android games of 2015.this is one of the Cool Android Games of this year.

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