Best Online Bollywood Quiz Games


Best Online Bollywood Quiz Games

Here is the some interesting thing for you entertain your friends when you guys are on a get together or sitting around with friends. These few games you can get online and that to for absolute free, So when ever you feel bored or want to have some fun do try out these games which is free to install and also can use even without internet.

1. Bollywood Quiz:
Bollywood Quiz is a straightforward yet addictive amusement for Bollywood beaus, where you will need to perceive diverse Bollywood famous people while running against time. Test your insight into Bollywood with this fun and free Bollywood Quiz. Totally free, More than 200 Bollywood big names, Regular upgrades of new superstars and new elements, Leader board support.


2. Bollywood Quiz:
Is it accurate to say that you are Mad about Movies? A genuine Bollywood Buff?? 
At that point Bollywood Quiz is a certain blessing from paradise for you ;)!  Love Indian Actors? At that point play fun baffles in view of the life and work of whizzes such as Shahrukh Khan, Aamir, Hrithik, Priyanka, Ranbir, Kangana, Salman, Hema Malini, Amitabh, Rajesh Khanna, Meena Kumari, Dilip Kumar and some more.

3. Bollywood ka Baap (BKB):
Do you know more about Bollywood stars, performing artists, on-screen characters and big names than your companions?  From the creators of Shiva: The Time Bender and Dadi versus Jellies, we present to you a fresh out of the box new Bollywood themed executioner amusement. An easygoing test where you figure the name of Bollywood motion pictures and famous people with the letters given. Will you figure every one of them? More than 500 unique motion pictures, big names, on-screen characters, performing artists, chiefs and artists sit tight for you in this fun Bollywood executioner diversion.

4. Bollywood Quiz:
Speculating motion picture names from given Bollywood dialog is so much fun. You will feel dependent on this diversion once downloaded. It likewise has choice of speculating film name given every one of the points of interest. Download now and begin playing, here is the link below.

5. 4 Pic Puzzle - Bollywood Game:
See the photos and estimate the answer. The diversion depends on Bollywood so every one of the levels will keep you speculating Hindi film performing artists, Bollywood on-screen characters, acclaimed old motion pictures, tasteful chiefs, retro motion pictures, your most loved artists. 
Every level will be a blend of various classes to keep your fun going a far cry.

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